Arya Hawker is an internationally exhibiting multimedia artist and designer. His multidisciplinary projects can be seen at music festivals, art exhibitions, symposiums and online. He combines his creative outlook with mathematical design techniques, deriving art from computational equations, or utilizing digital assets in tandem with physical construction.

Throughout this website you will find a comprehensive archive of projects and collaborations spanning across a variety of visual media, notably in art, animation and marketing. Over the years focus has shifted from the likely medium, to the entirely possible daydream.

digital art high resolution stills of abstract animations
projection design experiments in sculpture, light, and applied animation
fine art abstract expressions with ink and paint
branding assigning identities to startups and small businesses
marketing designing for business exposure
motion design digital movement & animation
photo & video editing, lighting, and set design

design philosophy

Electrical energy runs through all matter. At the smallest observable scale, everything is in motion. Though a solid appears to remain still, every fibre of its subatomic being is suspended in perpetual movement. Not a single entity in the universe, as we know it, remains motionless.

Forever bound to a life of creativity, I see an inherent beauty in this otherwise simple observation. Every artist, musician, dancer and AV technician, aims to capture and express motion. A still frame is a single slide of hundreds. A drawing is complete when the artist ceases their kinetic assertion. Creative depictions, static or moving, are inevitable expressions of motion.
My creative outlook is informed by the Berlin school of Gestalt psychology, whose principles state that the organized whole is more potent than the sum of its smaller parts. I believe that each disciplinary specialty has overlapping values which contribute to a greater synergy. In the pursuit of proficient and honest design, I have found it important to gain a sincere and practical understanding in as many pertinent areas of study, as deemed principally relevant by the heart.

Projection mapping, for example, requires the combination of several technical, visual, structural, and psychological understandings, together creating a hyper-real experience for the viewer. Yet this effect wouldn't be possible without expertise in animation, sitting atop the pillars established in graphic design, in turn resting upon an understanding of basic visual principles understood through traditional art education.

As technology and society hurdle faster towards capturing and depicting motion with ever increasing possibility, the opportunities for a creative to expand their ideas and expressions grows by the day. My aim is to be at the forefront, with an open mind and spirit.