Climbing gym wall, Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Touch Designer, Resolume Arena

Performed with Toni Hall and Steeve Bjornson at climbing gym CragX in Victoria, BC for the first annual Pretty Good Not Bad music festival. Designing Amethyst was a long iterative process for me, involving photography, digital illustration, animation, reactive platform programming, particle physics design, projection mapping and live motion capture. I had to setup in-house for 3 consecutive days to pull this project off, on top of months of development. All assets were designed to cater to this event specifically.

For 2 hours audience members, encouraged to bring pillows and blankets, lay and watched our performance, 100ft high, as ambient audio producers played live compositions. The project involved 10 layers of high resolution video, controlled through an array of MIDI hardware and tai chi esque movements using motion capture.

VJ performance: Toni Hall, Steeve Bjornson, Arya
Design: Arya
Photography: Mike Morash

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