Blossom series
Canvas paintings, Lightroom, Photoshop, After Effects, Resolume Arena, MIDI hardware

I dropped by Studio Robazzo in the days leading up to their grand opening, inquiring about space for an interactive installation. Lying in the corner where some psychedelic black and white paintings by Jay Jondale. Excited at the prospects of projection onto the artwork, I spent the night designing layered video for the now confirmed installation. With the controls accessible to the public, video layers could be changed by anyone brave enough to play with the knobs. Some paintings turned night from day, the mandala changed hue, while others varied in their animated patterns. The piece became a great ice breaker and social focal point. We met Jay later that night and he thankfully turned out to love our additions.

Installation: Toni Hall, Arya
Art: Jay Jondale
Design: Arya