An animation funding application I made for Storyhive:

'Djinn' is a story about magic. In Islamic tradition, a djinni (genie) is a mischievous spirit. Not always malevolent, djinn have a reputation for deception and illusion. They are said to be made of a smokeless flame, though there are many types. Razadé, only but a young child, has been fighting djinn her whole life. Along the way, she's learned some tricks herself.

'Djinn' is a multimedia animation short that combines stylized calligraphy, character design, and subtle visual effects. Each scene revolves around a magical interaction. The animation assets are hand drawn but animated digitally and arranged in a 3D space. Some characters are drawn using calligraffiti markers, while others in painted in watercolour, drawing from both East- and Western fine art tradition.

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Above: from drawings, to digital life.
Below: initial character concepts.
Below: scenes from the short concept video.