okpk - Pleasure Seekers

Pleasure Seekers is an album by electronic music producer okpk. His vision for the album revolves around themes of instant gratification; an illustration of chasing primitive instincts without any forethought. He described to me a melancholic but warm sorbet-sunset, adorned with the symbol of short-lived escapism: the palm tree. This simple beauty slowly fades away until all that's left are the shattered pieces of an unrecognizable reality, much like a glitch on a computer screen.

I designed a short looping animation that represented the feelings we'd discussed. I focused on pixel-sorting, a technique where all colours on-screen are sorted into sections of solid colour. The effect appears as though a painter reverses their painting to its original colour palette.

The transition resulted in a striking animation (below), which I derived 6 digital song covers from. These images were then used as the basis for 6 high-resolution animations, which react to the music as it plays.

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